10 hair facts worth sharing with your BFF

All of us are really attached to our hair, we buy shampoos, oils, conditioners, sprays and what not to keep it smooth, shiny and healthy looking. Here are some interesting facts about hair that one should know:


1. Hairy scary !

We have approximately 5 million hair follicles all across the body and they can grow anywhere on the body except palms, lips, soles and eye lids. The average person has 100,000 – 150,000 strands of hair on their head.


2. Your hair is dead and you didn’t know it?

Hair is made up of dead cells; the ones that are outside your scalp are all dead. Hair inside the scalp in the hair follicles is still alive.


3. The Wetter the Longer

Hair can stretch up to 30% its actual length when it is wet, however it is also weaker when it is wet.


4. The Hair files

Hair contains information about everything that has gone into your bloodstream thus is very helpful for forensic researches.


5. Black O Red

The most common hair color all across the world is Black while the rarest hair color is red. There is only 2% of blonde hair and just 1 % red hair people.


6. Grow Like Rapunzel

Hair is the second fastest growing tissue of our body, the first being the bone marrow. On average, hair grows .3 – .5 mm per day, 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month, and 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year (same as the size of your favorite  chic heels). Cutting your hair does not affect its growth. Our hair is constantly growing, 90% of our hair is growing at any given time, while the other 10% is taking a break.sub-about-hs-eng-017. Life Span

A single hair has a lifespan of about five years. It takes about 7 years to grow it to your waist, and 3 years to grow it to your shoulders.anastasia-hair

8. My Hair Strongest

It is scientifically concluded that a healthy hair strand can bear a weight of up to 100 grams. Assuming that you have around 100,000 hair strands, you can support about a 1000kg roughly about the weight of two small elephants. A strand of hair is actually stronger than a copper wire with the same diameter.



9. Soak Soak Soak it All Up

Hair can be useful in interesting ways. It can be used as a natural sponge, and it was used during the 2007 Cusco Busan oil spill in the San Francisco Bay to absorb oil from the water.

toca-hair-salon-210. What’s your Gender?

The one thing that cannot be determined by our hair is the gender of the person, men’s hair and women’s hair is identical in structure.


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