You’ve suffered it at some point or the other, read and tried several remedies and yet nothing really seems to work. So we decided to focus on the underlying causes of hair fall so you can understand what’s causing you to shed excessive hair and take corrective measures accordingly. Prolonged physical and/or mental stress: This […]

5 things you need to know before you decide to go sulfate-free   1.What are sulphates? Sulfate compounds are added to personal care products that foam such as face washes, shampoos, body washes etc. These are surfactants – the substances that are added to these products to make them lather so that they are able […]

Knowing the good chemicals from the bad ones while shopping for beauty products is better than falling prey to unsupported “Chemical Free” claims You might remember this from science lessons in junior school: Chemicals are all around us. Plants are made of chemicals called photochemicals and we ourselves are made up of chemicals. Just because […]

Identifying its severity and what caused it, is the first step towards managing your hyper-pigmented skin What is hyper-pigmentation? Simply put, Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin or nails caused by increased melanin– the pigment in our skin that determines its colour. How do I know if the marks/spots I have on […]

A ready-reckoner of what your skincare routine should look like based on your age along with product suggestions Wondering, if you need to invest in anti-ageing skincare yet? First, some facts: Your skin cells renew themselves i.e. old cells die out (dead skin) and new ones are formed every few days. This life-cycle of skin […]

Breakouts can occur after waxing because of bacteria, inflammation and irritation, but you can take steps to prevent the problem both before and after your waxing treatment. Exfoliate your skin with an exfoliating scrub such as Apricot Sparkle Skin radiance Scrub before you have the waxing done. This will remove any dead skin cells, dirt […]