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Most beauty products in India are tainted with toxic heavy chemicals, the Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment said in a report released this month.

Mercury, which is prohibited for use in cosmetics in India, except for eye care products, was found in 44 per cent of fairness creams.

Of the lipstick samples tested, 50 per cent contained chromium ( linked to cancer) and more than 43 per cent had nickel ( known to adversely impact the functioning of the liver and kidneys).

CSE calculated the exposure to heavy metals from cosmetics as percentage of Average Daily Intake (ADI). ADI is the maximum amount of a toxin that a person can be exposed to without any appreciable health risk. The graph below shows the level of exposure from Chromium in different brands of lipsticks as per cent of ADI. Exposure from two types of use—average use (24mg/day) and high use (87mg/day)—has been calculated.

We at Just Herbs have always believed in full ingredient disclosure and that reading the back label on a beauty product is more important than smelling it while making a decision to include it in your beauty regimen.

However, there is larger problem of beauty companies hiding ingredients on product labels and marketing products as safe. Our customers tell us they’re helpless as even the so called “ Natural” and “Organic” beauty brands often do not even list the full list of ingredients on their product label. Terms like “ Base QS” are often used to hide cargenogens, hormone disruptors and other harmful chemicals.

We’re happy to tell you that Just Herbs is first Indian beauty company to embrace full ingredient disclosure – both on our product labels and on our website- and we follow the Just Herbs ingredient standard in all our formulations.

You can read the Down to Earth Article here:
You can also access the CSE’s full report here:

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