Remember the  #makingmakeuphealthy  campaign we started to minimize the impact of potentially harmful makeup chemicals ? I am very happy to share that our first MUA partner for the campaign – celebrity makeup artist Tanvi KG – went live from our Chandigarh store to kick things off ! Tanvi- who has done makeup for the […]

Irrespective of your location and age, there are few of us who haven’t experienced some sort of skin blemish, color change or ‘pigmentation’. The reason behind blemishes and pigmentation can be anything from sunburn to hormonal changes and infections. Skin color changes can sometimes make us feel self-conscious, worried and searching for answers. What are […]

A lot has been said and written about the dangers lurking in the makeup you use everyday. The lead in your lipstick that you end up ingesting, the parabens in your lip gloss or or the mercury in that mascara that you swear by . Sounds horrible right ? So what can one do about it? Give […]

I am elated to report that People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has verified that neither us nor our ingredient suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products. In other words, Just Herbs now has an official stamp of approval from PETA bearing testimony to […]

  Dr. Neena Chopra, the brain behind Just Herbs’ formulations, explains how serums can do what creams cannot Facial skin needs to be treated with utmost care as it is delicate and sensitive. Using the wrong cosmetic or cream might lead to allergic reactions and skin damage.This is where serums come in. What is a serum? It is a […]

A moisturizer isn’t just meant to hydrate your skin. Here are three ways to use Just Herbs’ moisturizers to give added effect to your make-up Add it to your foundation Mix some moisturizer with your foundation to make it feel lighter. Start with and equal amounts of each—one pea-sized dot of foundation and one of […]

You are not alone. We get several queries from young to middle-aged women and men every other day and one question comes up very often: “What are the safest and most effective natural alternatives from the Just Herbs collection that will suit my specific concerns so that I can cut down on my chemical-based skincare […]