When was the last time a beauty company asked you about your beauty needs ?
We’re guessing never.

So we decided to fill that gap by creating a product from scratch; purely from feedback from our growing customer base that is made up of ‘real’ women such as you.

We asked our customers what they needed

We polled over 450 Just Herbs users in our exclusive members only Facebook community asking them the products they would like us to work on next. An overwhelming majority told us they wanted something that could give them a ‘no makeup’ look and is a lightweight, safe and natural product.

The research team came up with product prototypes

Next, our product development team got down to work- sifting through ingredients, reading up scientific journals and ayurvedic texts to zero down on the best raw materials for the product. They formulated several prototypes and settled for two final variations of the product- formula 1 and 2.

Customers evaluated the prototypes

Both the formulas were shipped across the country to our customers for trial. Around 2-3 weeks later we asked the users to evaluate the the formulas. Here is what we found :

  • 84% of the participants found  their skin to be smoother, better finished after using the tint.
  • 56% said they would not need makeup if they used the tint before stepping out.
  • 76% said the tint gave them a no-makeup look.


Herb enriched skin tint – part-skincare part-makeup; a daily-use product that is easy to match with your skin shade as it blends in easily, blurs imperfections, masks large pores and primes blemishes. It does this, in addition to nurturing your skin with several skin friendly Ayurvedic herbs such as Indian Kudzu and Mace and also offers broad spectrum sun protection